Top 3 best robotic stocks to buy 2023


What is Robotics Stocks?

Robotics stocks are stocks of companies that design, manufacture, or sell robots, robotic systems, or related technologies. Robotics stock is a rapidly growing industry that includes a wide range of applications, from manufacturing and logistics to healthcare and entertainment.

best robotic stocks to buy

1.iRyhthm Technologies (IRTC) $130.77

  1. Share soar roughly 40% so far in 2023
  2. Revenue past five years growth averaging 29%. This year company generated $410.9 million in revenue, up 27.3%  


2.Nvidia (NVDA) $267.58

  1. Revenue only slightly in the most recent fiscal years to $27 billion.
  2. Forecasting revenue will increase 11% in the current fiscal years and following years 24% .  


3.Teradyne (TER) $100.75

  1. 2022 averaged nearly 11% over the past five years.
  2. Forecasting revenue will drop 10%
  3. Annual rate of 5.5% through 2023 to $45 billion


4.iRobot (IRBT)

  1. Revenue 2022:- 118 crores USD


5.UiPath (PATH)

6.Intuitive Surgical (ISRG)

7.ABB Ltd. (ABB)

robotics stocks to buy 2023

  1. Stock Rockwell Automation (ROK)
  2. Nvidia Stock (NVDA)
  3. Intuitive Surgical Action (ISRG)
  4. Uipath Action (PATH)
  5. Cognex Stock (CGNX)
  6. Teradyne Stock (TER)
  7. Qualcomm stock.
  8. NorthRop Grumman Stock (NOC)

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